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Thread: Create XP Logon

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    Talking Create XP Logon

    I have been using custom logon screens for Windows XP for a long time, but I have tried making my own with no success.

    I searched the web and used several programs including ResHacker.exe to import my bmp file.

    My question to you is:

    Is there any easy way to create a Windows XP Logon screen with the picture of my choice?


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    I too would like to know.
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    Bump, I'd love a good freeware app for this.
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    LogonStudio does the job for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicMonkey
    LogonStudio does the job for me

    It works!
    I finally figured out how to edit the picture into it, but this software is very good, and free!



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    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicMonkey
    LogonStudio does the job for me
    this is what i used when it did it.. nice piece of software

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