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    computer boot trouble

    I just built my new system about a week and a half ago and it was running great Its a 2.4 ghz core 2 duo with a ds3 gigabyte board and 2gb of g.skill 800 mhz memory. Unfortunatly my ungreatful sister got angry at me and decided to pull the plug on it while i was using it. Not only did she do that but then proceded to kick my computer case and everything in it onto its side. Theres no physical damage i can see but im getting a disk boot error and im thinking that it is not detecting any harddrives. Ive tried 4 other harddrives on the system both SATA and IDE drives and i cannot get it to boot. The only one i can get it to boot on is one IDE drive with windows 98 OS on it. The rest have XP and will not be detected by the computer. The memory seems to POST fine and i dont think there is anything wrong with the processor because i really wouldnt be able to turn on the computer or have anything happen if the processor was broken. I figured this out by trying to reinstall Windows XP onto my drive when it kept telling me no harddrive was detected by windows setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated im very ****ed off right now because of the trouble, time, and possibly money this may cost me.

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    When you have an HDD hooked up go into BIOS and see if it is detected. Everytime I have gotten a bootdisk error has been either A) the HDD wasn't being detected or B) I was using an HDD with XP on it in a P2 machine.

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