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    I miss the CPUdatabase

    Its been a while...

    is a database where you could post your type of cpu and mainboard and overclocking result. this was great, because: when i wanted to know, what motherboard i should buy for a specific cpu type, i just had to look there...

    but the database is out of date. noone can update it, because of some errors!?

    my question(s):
    Will this be fixed??? so the database can be updated again...
    is there a similar page out there? a page which is up to date? would be great.

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    I used it a lot in the past to get cpu steppings but there was a problem with people putting wildly exaggerated overclocks, I thought they had it all worked out and it was up running again.

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    and will it work in the near future again?

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    Ahh the good...

    Ol days..That is how I got my good cpu's, by looking at the most consistant o'c's and what stepping was used,etc.
    As far as the wildly exagerated overclocks, most were self evident..But it was truly a great resource for info, I mean everybody takes their chances, but now all we have is word of mouth. (that is if the database isn't running).
    If it is, I would like to post my old 700E PIII @ 1115 on air...This old box will be a handmedown next quarter.
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    nobody knows?
    hm, has anybody admin's contact email?

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