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    Peltier+Water Experiment Help

    I've been wanting to find a way to lower the temp of my coolant and I wanted to know what you guys thought about this.
    Here are my parts:
    Gigabyte Galaxy 2 Cooling System
    Thermaltake Aquarius VGA Water Block
    226 Watt Peltier Cooler
    [I went with the VGA Water block because it was the closest I could find dimension-wise to the peltier]

    Ideally, I would like the run the coolant over the cool side of the Peltier block, however because I have been unable to find a mount to do such a thing, I'll instead have to use a water block.

    Now my first question is,
    (1) Will connecting the peltier to the underside of a heatsink block noticeably hinder the peltier's ability to cool?
    (2) Would you recommend a thermal compound between them?
    (3) Because I was unabble to find a mounting kit, would using a thermal adhesive between the peltier and the water block be a good idea, or would it hinder the cooling capacity even more
    (4) Is 226 Watts overkill for what I'm trying to acheive?

    Essentially I'd like to get the coolant to be quite cold, thus increasing it's ability to keep everything nice and cool. I have thick tubing, and can always insulate it, so condensation is not a concern for me at this time.

    I'd really like a professional opinion on this, but this is definitely an experiment I want to try.

    Thanks in advance

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    have you seen these?

    the most effective mounting preasure for a TEC is around 150-300PSI

    this is an extream cooling question btw
    Hope this helps
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    Ok, I'll copy this is the other section. Thanks

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    Also the Coolit Freezone is a new product that does what you want to do. But its expensive.

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