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    Highest framerate CRT, LCD, Plasma etc?

    Back when I use to play Unreal Tournament (The originial) It made a huge difference to be able to do 120 fps @ 800x600. I still have that CRT monitor, and though it's old, it is still good in my eyes.

    My question then are there monitors that can do 120 fps, or better at 1600x1200, or 1280x1024, or maybe it's better to ask what is the highest framerate monitor that you guys have ever seen (for the res). I have looked at dozens of brands, and prices, although not recently. When I finally do upgrade my monitor, I want REALLY high framerates, and decent contrast, pixel pitch yadda yadda ya. Any ideas?
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    Frame rates..........
    On a monitor? You mean refresh rates right?
    LCDs/ Plasma's dont have them, they have response times

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    It's tricky, but it can be done, ie:

    If you have an LCD monitor with a 10ms responce time, that means it takes 10ms or .01 seconds to turn from black to white. (or gray demending on model/rating) 100fps means you are refreshing the screen every .01 seconds. So in theory a monitor with 10ms has a max of 100fps going from black to white. Of course games don't go from black to white, they are all in color. So it is possible to get over 100fps in a game with a 10ms LCD. (How this pans out in real life, I'm not sure)

    Although, if a CRT monitor only runs at 60hz, isn't that a refresh rate of 60 times per second? or 60fps? So you'd have to run a monitor at 120hz to really display at 120fps?

    Also remember: Refresh rates on a CRT is different than a responce time on an LCD.

    The bottom line is that none of this really matters. I don't think anyone can really see a difference beyond 40-50fps, let alone over 100fps. Movies are only 24fps, most video is less than 30fps. Just read the forums and see what monitors other gamers like. I've played plenty of games on my 20" Wide Dell and the game play is smooth as butter.

    Some of this I'm just guessing at, so feel free to correct me if need be.
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    honestly i have never seen a LCD over 75hz... and my dell CRT is 85hz... i can TODALLY tell a difference between 60fps and 85fps ... the refresh rate of the monitor determines the seeable frames per second you can see... even though a 10ms responce time lcd can theoretically do 100hz thus displaying 100pictures per second there is no way the manufacture would put the max refreshrate above 75hz...

    so... if you want more frames per second, and ur gfx card can pump them out the higher the refresh rate of the monitor the more actual fps you will see... this is why i refuse to buy a LCD becaues i cant handel n e thing less than 85hz (85fps) as a cap on my frame rates... and EVERY monitor has a refresh rate... CRT, LCD, Plasma, DLP... every single one has a refresh rate... and the reason movie films look semi smooth is because there is motion blur... if you look at a single thing crossing the screen you will notice it is very choppy.
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    Ok, thanks for the responses.

    I could not really tell a difference above 100 fps, and it was running at 120hz, for the 120 fps. The biggest thing for me was when I would make quick turns, the higher frame rate would allow me to have much smoother game play, and I guess my brain just reacts better to the smoothness. I am sure getting god like on UT is possible with ~20 fps, but my brain can't handle it.

    I understand response time being different with lcd monitors, and I understand, fundamentally how they work. I just can't necessarily grasp how many actual frames can monitor x produce per second? Especially since Veritcal refresh, and Horizontal refresh are thrown in there too.

    I assumed it is safe to say that a monitor with 10ms response time (black to black) could get at least 100hz / 100fps, but I want to be able to compare the other specs of the monitors, and understand what they mean. I have a decent grasp of it, but I still don't understand how the other specs (aside from response time) affect the bottom line: frame rates. Every industry comes up with unique names, for their technology, that is fine, but I don't want to add monitors to the list of things that I drudgingly researched, there is enough of this with computers in general. So I will boil it down to one question:

    1. Does the response time set an actual cap on the frame rate ie a 2ms (gray to gray) that is perhaps 5ms (black to black) will the 5ms actually mean a maximum frame rate of 200fps (I know the tech is different, plz disregard my hack terminology), or is the max frame rate limited by some other thing, for LCD/Plasma monitors (flat panel).?
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