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    Forton FX700-GLN, what do you think?
    These guys love this PSU, with the 4 12v rails it should be a beast!
    This guy really liked it as well. Very stable power.

    The reason I am asking is I think my current PSU may be causing random shutdowns and I am looking for one when I get my DX10 card. What do you all think? Anyone own this model?

    I am really impressed with the 4 12v rails. Another big selling point is it comes to me sleeved so I don't have to mess with it.
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    The FSP 700W is a good budget high power unit... not too hard to do better, but not too easy to find anything more affordable. Early revisions allowed a lot of ripple into the rails at high power levels... not sure if that's been corrected on the FSP branded models yet.

    My own suggestion would be the Silverstone ST75ZF - that one's a server grade monster of a PSU.

    I see you have a True II now - this could indeed be the cause of the shutdowns if it's around a year old or so. As with all Antec's CWT made units, there are likely some well baked Fuhjyyu caps in there if you've had it a while.
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