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    Game protection removal?

    I have a severe tendency to lose CDs. I have managed to find no cd patches for all my other games, but am having a hard time finding one for version 1.16 of GRAW. I normally wouldn't care about an update, but I do want some of the features. I am trying to use Alcohol 120 to take out the securerom 7 protection, but I still get an error. After I get this to work I plan on using a virtual drive to play. Does anyone have any tips on this task? Alcohol used to offer the different protections to remove, but now it doesn't (I haven't used this program in a really long time.) Does anyone have any tips to get this working.

    Also, if you guys are really need me too I will post of picture of me holding the game and crap so you know I didn't pirate it.

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    Ive had some luck with virtual cd programs. of course, if your hdd dies, your outta luck.
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    i cant remember exactly how i did it but I think i used cloneCD (or some such 100% copying program) and cloned it onto a mounted blank cd in daemon tools. This could have just been a thought i had a coupl'a years ago which my brain now tricks me into thinking happened.

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    Discussing removing the copy protection is against the forum rules


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