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    Computer does not start

    I press the power switch and the fans spin up and the system stops. Sometimes, it lets me get booted up and quits a couple of minutes later.I opened up the case and checked the switch connections. I also blew out the case and connectors in case dust was the culprit. The wire connecting the switch to the power supply connector has an exposed wire and looks to be fatigued. The power supply connector that the switch is wired into connects to the case fan on the side cover. I noticed this problem when I put my cover back on. Would a fatigued wire in the switch cause it to start and stop. The lights in the fans also dim and brighten like its losing power before it stops.

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    Check all the connections and try a cmos clear. Also check the video card connection.

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    i had this happening once, problem was i placed too many screws on my motherboard tray, causing it to short..good thing it didnt blow my mobo

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    I get that sometimes and when I connect different devices to different power cables, things start to work. Don't know what gives, don't care. So long as it works again...

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    I am gonna try a new switch and then a new power cable for the pc. I ned to change the switch anyhow due to the exposed wire. The zip tie was too tight and pinched the wire. Will update later. I hope I can buy the switch as an assembly already attached to a d connector so I can just plug it in.

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    The switch isn't the problem at all. The fatigued wire is for the led lights for the fan. I purchased a power supply tester and all but the 5v led lights up, then the power supply surges and all the lights on the tester dim and go out as the pc stops. Looks like I get to order a new Power Supply. I also get an overvoltage indication, which is not good.

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