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    Mac vs. PC brittish videos

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    Tentacle of the octopus???

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    Those two fellas do a couple of shows over here, sometimes funny, sometimes not! haha.

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    YouTube removed the videos, so here's a link to them, straight off of Apple's website. Plus, the Japanese version, which, while I don't know what the hell they're saying, has some wierd...hijinks, perhaps.

    Although the UK versions are possibly the best ones I've seen so far, the humor is better and they don't seem to take everything quite as arrogantly.

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    Dunno... the American Mac plays the victim better. That smug ****er that goes to coffiee shops to listen to beatnik poetry, and hanging around campus trying to look cool, but not be obvious about it. Who me? 1773? Nawwwwww.... really?

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