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    Gigabyte 965P-DS3P and Matrix RAID

    Hi all. I am going to setup a new system in the next couple of weeks. Now that I am moving from AMD to Intel and have the option of Matrix RAID, I will use it to setup a matrix RAID on two drives of mine. Can anyone let me know what order things should be done in, in particular with regards to setting up the RAID and then installing XP?

    Normally I use nLite to slipstream SATA drivers and install straight, but this time around I assume RAID will be setup before the install, so questions are:
    - do I need any drivers or floppy disk to setup the RAID?
    - should I setup the RAID 1 (OS -> the safer one) drive first or the RAID 0 (the quicker one for general files) first? I read somewhere that one should be setup first so that it is first on the platters of the HDDs, but cannot recall which
    - will I still need the use F6 and a floppy (or slipstream drivers) for XP to recognize the matrix RAID drives? If so, would I use the regular ICH8R SATA drivers or a different one for the RAID setup?

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    You will still need to to either install ich8r sata/raid drivers from floppy or slipstream them into your install.

    (edit) BTW I wish I had done a tad more research and picked up your version of the ds3. I'm itching to try matrix raid.
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