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    Anyone have QX6700 water cooled ? What using ? OC ? Temps ?


    If you have a QX6700 & have it water cooled, & have it OC to 3.2 or above & have cool temps specifically using CoreTemp monitor, could you post specifically what are you using to cool it (parts, kits, etc), what Temps you are getting ?

    I think this will be a helpful thread for me & others who have QX6700 & tried to cool it with air (cant be done well with OC).

    I have Asus p5B Deluxe, using Tuniq Tower 120 & still too hot, need good water cooling solution.

    Thank you,

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    ok im not cooling a qx6700, but my pentium-d 920 dual core gets hot as proverbial hell without W/C... to be truthfull a 'good water cooling solution' for a chip such as yours can be predicted without me needing to own one -

    A Swifttech Apogee/ Apogee GT, Laing D5 vario pump, Thermochill PA120.3 and 7/16"th tubing and your good to cool just about anything

    Price and space is a huge deciding factor with what you could cool your rig with....

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    Hi Vrykyl,

    Thank you for your response. Please forgive me as I have never done any water cooling before.

    That parts that you mentioned, is that all I would need ? Anything else ?

    Also are there any documents available on how to set something like this up ?

    Third I was trying to research & I see some available kits

    Koolance Aquian ICM-505 Internal Cooling System,
    Koolance EXOS-2 External Water Cooling Kit - Black EX2-750BK
    CoolIt Systems Freezone CPU Cooler - TEC Water Cooling

    Which for me I am sure would be much easier to install, so I wouldnt care if they are more money. But the question is will they cool well enough for my QX6700. I do need very good cooling to OC the QX6700. My biggest concern with a any solution is case modification, I dont have any really good tools for anything like that so ideally I would need a solution that doesnt need that.

    I have a standard mid size ATX case, Aeorcool AeroEngineII

    Thank you again,

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    The standard answer you will get around here is to avoid the kits, as you will get better cooling at a lower price and more expandability if you choose your own equipment.

    At the end of the day, it really isn't very hard to put together the parts yourself. Also, the guys in this forum and xtremesystems forums are really helpful and can sort you out if you ever get stuck. I did it about a month ago, and I had the same lack of experience/tools as you. Frankly it couldn't have been easier once I calmed my fears and decided to go the custom route. Now I am entirely addicted, and am going to spend this weekend adding more stuff to my loop and tweaking things.

    FYI, I am also on a QX6700, and I am currently running stock and getting ~36C idle and ~45C full load. Here is my complete shopping list for my rig:

    Waterblock: D-Tek Fuzion ~$65 (alternative Apogee GT ~$55)

    Radiator: Thermochill PA120.2 ~$120 (alternative Swiftech MCR220 or Coolrad 22T, both ~$40. Even better, get triple versions of any of these for a little bit more)

    Pump: Liang DDC+ (aka Swiftech MCP355) w/ Petra's modified top ~$100 (alternative Liang D5 (aka Swiftech MCP655) pump ~$80)

    Reservoir: Swiftech Micro Res ~$20 (alternative, T-Line ~$2)

    Tubing: 15ft Masterkleer 7/16 ID, 5/8 OD ~$0.49 per foot (alternative Tygon 1/2 ID, 3/4 OD ~$3.00 per foot)

    Additive: 4oz Pentosin "red" G12 ~$5 (alternative 4oz Pentosin "blue" G11 ~$5). Mix with distilled water from the supermarket.

    Clamps: 10 x worm drive clamps ~$0.90 each

    Fans: 2 x Yate Loon D12SM-12 fans ~$6.00 each (alternative 2 x Yate Loon D12SL fans ~ $5.00 each)

    Mounting: If necessary to mount externally, you can use a Swiftech Radbox ~$18.

    Fittings: If you ever have a choice about what fitting size to go with, always go with 1/2". Also, a nice but not a need is to get 2 x Aquaextreme High Flow fittings for your radiator ~$5, 2 x EK High Flow fittings for your waterblock if Apogee GT ~$4

    That should give you everything you need to get started. Assuming you are in the US, almost all this stuff can be found at one or more of the following shops:

    With regard to setting it up, there are a few great docs you should look at. I used Note that some of the info in there is a little out of date regarding specific components. Anyhow, a short short version of the basic idea goes:

    1) clean the radiator and block
    2) unplug EVERYTHING in your computer from the power supply
    3) mount your parts in your case as best you can
    4) run the tubing pretty much any way you like, except that the reservoir should come right before the pump
    5) If necessary, put the ends of the tubing in hot water for a few seconds to make it fit over barbs. PUT CLAMPS ON THE TUBING!
    6) mix your distilled water and additive (Pentosin)
    7) fill up the loop from the reservoir using a funnel
    8) make sure the pump has lots of water in it (DONT RUN IT DRY), then use your power supply to turn ONLY the pump on
    9) run the pump for ~24 hours checking for leaks
    10) assuming no leaks, plug in the rest of your computer parts, and you are good to go!

    Please do read the full guide though for MUCH more detail, and in case I forgot anything.
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    Great answer. I agree with everything he has listed.
    x5660 @ 4.2 24/7
    Gigabyte X58 Extreme
    12gb DDR3 @ 1600
    7970(dead, currently using a 9800GTX+ and shopping for a replacement)
    Fuzion/MCP655/3x120 rad

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    There is like three people here on OCF who have QX6700's, and you just made four

    Stay away from kits though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wa77ss
    There is like three people here on OCF who have QX6700's, and you just made four

    Stay away from kits though.
    add me to the QX6700 list, I posted a question about kits the other day and was told to go custom also. I am currently looking into it. my problem with going custom is that if I do I will want to go all out, and that just hurts the wallet lol

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    Wow wombat778 !

    Thank you very much !!

    This plus think link for the guide should hopefully get me going.

    I greatly appreciate your time for your help.

    Thank you all !

    Once I get everything installed (hope I can) I will post back my OC & temps.

    Thank you,

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