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    Recommended Subject Formatting for Faster Help and Easier Browsing

    Recommended Subject Formatting for Faster Help and Easier Browsing


    Along with structure changes, we have a recommended thread subject format that may help get you answers faster - read below for details!

    As you can see, there has been some restructuring going on in the Motherboards forum. The main purpose of the restructuring has been to provide a streamlined way to present the data to our forum community.

    You will notice the structure has been setup to browse by CPU brand, i.e. "AMD", "Intel", etc. Underneath each topic you will find the corresponding platforms, with the current socket platforms having their own subforums, and older ones archived within the "Older" subforum.

    This will allow for a cleaner presentation of data that will result in less clicking through forum structure. It also cleans up the large number of sub-forums that can result by splitting things up by manufacturer underneath CPU brand.

    It does however, make one thing a bit more difficult. It could make enlisting brand-specific support more difficult. There are those in the member community who were more familiar with certain brands of motherboards. There may also be certain boards that exhibit specific behavior on a more regular basis, or have specific driver needs.

    In order to help ensure you get support on your specific board, we would like to propose a recommended method for structuring your subject line for a new thread. This will allow people to know what brand and board model you are working with quickly. The brand "experts" can also sort the forum by topic, and easily see the brands and models they are most familiar with.

    The recommended format is as follows:

    Using brackets, place the BRAND, MODEL, and if applicable, CHIPSET, then a dash, followed by the normal subject line.

    So, as an example, and excuse my "Old Skool" board choice, but say I have a problem with my ASUS A7V's stability after a voltage change.

    Normally I might write:

    Stability lost on ASUS board with vcore change
    In the new format, I would write:

    [ASUS A7V KT133] - Stability lost on ASUS board with vcore change
    This would put my board's brand, model number, and even chipset in the forefront of my subject line. Also, if there were multiple threads about this board, doing a sort by subject line would group them all together if this format were formed, thanks to the wonders of good 'ol Alphabetical Order. (And to think how much I disliked that in grade school!)

    So after sorting by subject, someone browsing might see something like this, bear in mind these are fake thread titles I came up with:

    [ASUS A7N8x Nforce2] - Memory read issues on my nforce2 board
    [ASUS A7V KT133] - And old board learns new tricks
    [ASUS A7V KT133] - Stability lost on ASUS board with vcore change
    Bear in mind this new format is not a requirement, but a recommendation! There won't be any thread deleting, title changing, or anything if you don't post in this recommended format. However, we do believe it will be very helpful in you getting the answers you need faster. If we all work to adopt this format it will make getting answers, as well as giving answers easier for us all.

    Thank you!
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    Hello there! I want to say Merry Chritsmas to all. I like to introduce myself, Im just a real user that like to learn about Computer Technology, especially programming and Networking. I just built my Intel core i5 750 PC. I will elaborate more soon as I will be posting my expriences with this awesome PC. The new format is better and makes the info more readable. Keep up the good work!

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