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    New coolers installed....

    Well, I got my Zalman VF-900-Cu, My Tuniq Tower 120, and my HR-05-SLI Chipset cooler in, and damn was that fun. The Zalman dropped my 7800s temps down 13 (55>42), but havn't noticed a real difference in the Tuniq(still around 32-34 at idle as it was w/ old HSF), and I never knew the temps of the chipset.

    I lapped the Tuniq somewhat, but it wasn't that great of a job, and definatly could use more, but it's 10x better than it was...

    One problem I have is that the Tuniq hits the fan on the side, preventing me from closing the side of my case. When I was looking at slimmer fans, I came across this one. Is it any good, or is there a better one?

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    It is an older fan, but it is still a delta so certainly decent. What fan do you have on the side now?

    Also, if there is other stuff you need has the fan for $4 but min order of $25
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