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    How you know SLI is working????

    How do you test your SLI is working (i dont feel like doing 3D MARK) I just want to quickly find out if my two 7950GTs are working together...

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    well the only way that nvidia shows I think is if you go into options, and check "show gpu load balancing". Other than that you can use everest to see if it's all goin good.
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    Just run 3DMark really quickly and look at the frame rate. You don't even have to finish a single test, just look at the fps for the first few seconds of one test. If its about 1.7x higher, its working.

    [EDIT] FYI, the 1.7 number is one I just pulled off the top of my head, as it won't quite be double. [/EDIT]
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    I cant seem to find "show GPU load balancing" anywhere.

    I can however read the temps of both GPUs one is like 37 deg and the other is like 45.

    I played Supreme commander and its still kinda slow and lags a bit, even with SLI (About 1000 units on a 20k map). I run a Dual core 960 oced to 4.4Ghz.

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    I figured it out my SLI is working!!!!

    I get an "almost" two fold increase in the frames per second.

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    Was going to say.. just take one card out and check the performance compared to with both when playing your games.

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