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    AOpen GF2 Ti ... A Mistake?

    So I'm a little worried. I found an AOpen GeForce2 Ti with video out on for $95. I was all over it. It's on it's way to me now.

    A bit later, logic reared it's head and it hit me that, drawing on my own and other folks' experiences, you generally get what you pay for.

    Anybody else have this card? I know I'll get posts on this from people who'll say it's pure crap and I'm a dweeb, but I'm not interested in hearing that, hokay? I realize that I could very well be a dweeb. No need to point it out. But if you have real, hands-on, touchy-feely experience with it, I'm interested in that.

    If indeed no one has encountered this particular card, I will post my results ... ... If I get results.

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    Fair enough...

    Awright, so nobody knows diddly about it. No news is good news? I doubt it. I'll have the li'l mama in my hot little hands tomorrow; I'll post the verdict for anyone interested. It's a hell of a price, and I've done my shopping, believe me.

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    well, if I was in your position, I'd have gotten something else- like, I got my regular GTS card to 250mhzcore/424mhz memory, right around the GF2Ti levels, but GTS cards can be had for $75 or less these days. Or I would've saved for an extra week and got the Ti200 instead.

    It's not a BAD card, it's just that there are other cards out there that, IMHO, are a better buy.

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