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Thread: i965 vs 680i

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    i965 vs 680i

    If I am not intending on going with dual sli video cards, are there other benefits of using a 680i chipset(or some of the ASUS 580i northbridge/southridge combos) vs the i965X such as in the intel bad axe 2 or other chipsets other than 680i?

    I guess in a nutshell, what I am asking is are there other performance benefits to sticking with 680i other than sli implementation? And just for clarification, Im obviously in the n00b stage and the only sli implementation that I am aware of is for dual vid cards.......


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    The 680 chipset (and the 650 for that matter) let you decouple ram speed from fsb giving you more flexibility when overclocking. And based on windwithme's posts it appears that the 680i can achieve mucher higher memory speeds than the intel chipsets. You will need very $$$ ram to take advantage of this though. Also keep in mind that there are 2 intel chipsets being used for ocing these days. The 965 and the 975. The general concensus is that 965 is better for low multiplier/high fsb rigs and the 975 is better for high multi/low fsb setups.

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    I can tell you this,I have had a 680i from EVGA and it was great at first,then it went to hell,I sent it back for the ASUS P5B-Deluxe which has been excellent.
    Now thinking all the bugs are getting worked out of the 680i so I just recieved another the A1 version,and I have had a chance to compare the ASUS with the EVGA and I can tell you this,all my scores from benchmarking the EVGA 680i and compare them to the ASUS P965 I see no difference at all,only thing I can see to buying a 680i is for SLI,so I am going to send back the 680i cause there just wasn't any difference at all,and I will keep the P5B-D because it has less bugs,and the Intel chipset is stable,the 680i is still kinda buggy,and my Audigy 2 sound card will not work with the 680i board,something with the NVIDIA chipset,so I will keep the ASUS for now..
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