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    IC7 no post. Long beep.

    just installed my old IC7 into my new Thermaltake case. After hitting the power button, about 10 sec go by and I hear a long continious beep. It lasts for about 5 sec, then goes off for about 5 sec and repeats this cycle.

    When turned off with power supplied to it, the green LED light at the bottom of the mobo is on. When powered on, there is a red LED that comes on. I'm not sure if that's normal, but I don't think it's good.

    I checked out the post codes on abit's website, but I really don't understand them.

    Could this be a case of grounding? I used the small brass spacers to mount the mobo and that went off w/o a hitch.

    I did read a similar post:
    I seem to be having the same error as him, same symptoms

    The Video card works fine aswell as the RAM. I even pulled all the RAM from the board and tried it, but got the same red LED and long beep.
    Going to try and remove all pci cards and gfx card, RAM and 1 hard drive.
    Any suggestions are greatly appriciated.
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    Well, i've made some progress.
    I after pulling all devices from the slots.
    I put SATA 1 drive and swapped it's location on the board.
    Put in another stick of RAM and tried it again. This time it posted
    I'm getting excited. So I throw the GFX card back in and plug the keyboard in and it posts

    I get the error of something like, "CPU is damaged or is unworkable, check the softmenu"

    I went to BIOS to make sure all temps were fine and voltages were correct.
    reboot the machine and instead of checking the softmenu, just hit F1 to continue.

    Window loaded normally and then told me, Since you initially activated Windows, there have been significant hardware changes to your system... blah blah, you have 3 days to activate.

    That's where I'm at now. Going to reboot with NIC card to register windows and see if I can't get this problem solved.

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    All is well and working properly.

    Temps went down from idle @ 123 F to 96 F. Amazing what a bit of airflow can do for ya.

    Going for BF2 Stress Test MAX Settings

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    I'm glad to have helped out. Your welcome.
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    Long beeps like that are almost always RAM related.
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