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    HR-05 SLI - OK to run passive?

    I've ordered a pair of HR-05 SLI coolers to replace the stock heatsink/pipe cooler on my Evga 680i ... my question is whether or not the HR-05 SLI is effective enough to be run passive on the NB and SB ...?

    (Also if anyone uses one of these, any tips for installation would be very helpful)

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    I would expect them to run fine passive.. 70mm fans fit if you push the OC to the point of needing to run them active.
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    I forget who, but someone else posted pics a while ago, who was using two HR-05 SLi on NB/SB on a 680i.

    The SB runs fine passive, however he said the NB needed a fan. A 70mm at 7v should be adequate, in these scenarios a little airflow goes a long way.

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