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    internet effects fps? -feel like a noob here

    i know this is a noob question but friend wants to upgrade ram and video card but his other friend said it wouldnt help cause his internet is not good, so if he got a better gfx card his fps wouldnt be higher cause his slow internet? now i dont know but never happened to me even when i was on 56k so idk i dont think its true. lol
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    no the fps would be higher the friend's friend is trying to confuse you both, the online play is governed by PING times, for instance battlefield2 the enemy would be appearing to move at 2 fps (jumpy cant hit them) while the trees all moved at 100 as you run.
    To summarize YOU are correct it is not true.
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    In general, your frame rate should not see any effect from a laggy connection. In a FPS, you'll probably see what aftermath said - other players warping though space.
    The only way I can see lag affecting full screen frame rate is if the data the game engine is recieving and rendering is too much for your connection, so the game can only render in fits and starts as the data is recieved. I think you can see this in action when just entering a busy location in an MMORPG, when the game is recieving tons of info, and your bandwidth can't deliver the data fast enough for it to render smoothly.
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