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    Too much AS5? - E6600 Temps

    I just built my new machine with an E6600 am using the stock cooler. I scraped the thermal pad off and cleaned it with ArctiClean and applied AS5. I'm running it at stock settings, and my idle temperatures are around 28C, but while running Orthos, they are 47C (according to CoreTemp). Ambient temperature is 22C. Thinking back, I wonder if I may have used too much AS5. The directions said a thin line, but didn't say how thick. I'm used to having something to compare it to (like a grain of rice). Does it sound like I may have used too much AS5?

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    Easy, those line is exactly like 2 to 4 uncooked rice grain line up like this ---- ! As simple as that !

    Just remember to twist a bit, from 12 o'clock to 1 or 2 and reverse back to 11 or 10 o'clock while at the same time apply pressure before you fasten it, then you'll be fine !

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