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    please help me out with vista upgrade.

    I scrached my XP Pro CD to death... (I will call Microsoft to see if I can get a new coppy of the CD and keep my old activation key hopefully it wont cosst me a lot of $$) Wish me luck...

    In the meantime I would like to move to Vista Ultimate.

    Question 1: Is vista ultimate worth it, does it come with lots of "usefull" features (not just some useless poker game). Unlike the almost no differnece between XP Home and XP Pro which has almost no difference. (all your opnions are welcome)

    Quesiton 2: My understanding is... OEM vista is cheaper but can only be installed on one MB so it cant be installed on your new future rig, is this correct?

    Quesiton 3: The retail version allows me to install EITHER 32 bit OR 64 bit. ie If dont like the 64 bit Vista I can reinstall 32 bit Vista with the same CD and the activation key???

    Quesiton 4: will vista suport my SLI rig???
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    Personally, I would say do what Im doing and wait until sp1 when they get all of the bugs worked out. That is, unless M$ is going to give you a hard time and sell you another xp cd only at full price. And for "useful features" theres DX10 and a few others (not sure) like the poker game (I like to annoy people, cant you tell?).
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    1 Not really, I think Home Premium is best for most users.

    2 Correct, MS has historically been accommodating with regards to moving oem around. Nothing is guaranteed in the future though.

    3 Correct, you may need to call MS, but you'll be finished in a few minutes.

    4 Yes

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