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    965P-DS3rev3.3 NO AUDIO

    Help!!!! Just installed everything (WinXP Pro) and all the drivers but I have no audio and my cntrl panel "Sounds and Audio" has "No Audio" in it, what is going on, is my audio chip bad, is there a way to test it.

    All applications that use audio come back with error "xyz has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/Video playback may not operate properly"

    NO audio in headphones front or back, my speakers are hooked up to the rear "output" jack.

    Also, I don't have an application in my startup (I guess "Audio and Sounds" is saying that there is none.

    The device manager also has no "Realtek entry under "Sounds,video and game controllers". But when I down loaded the drivers (from Gigabyte web site) I received no errors, all appeared well.

    Is the problem that my audio chip is fry'd, is there a way to check it or see if its recognized/detected by the system?

    My BIOS has Audio on "Auto" are there any other settings (dont think so but...).

    My FSB is at 400 x6, not over clocking at all.

    I had loaded this comp once b4 on a single drive and at that time my audio was working, at least thru the headphones (thats all I had at time), then I reloaded using the JMicron RAID1 and after doing all the installs, no audio!!

    What is wrong, anyone else run into this?

    I have a email to Gigabyte (no response yet), perhaps my audio chip is bad now, not sure if its worth RMAing this to Gigabyte (don't want to tear everything down again).


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    I don't know why this wasn't answered. I'm something of a newbie, but I have this board and I just spent a couple of hours trying to get my audio to work with TeamSpeak.

    First, make sure you have the audio bus driver loaded. If you don't know which one this is, then use your driver CD you received with the board. Install this before you do anything else!

    Next, install the Realtek codec.

    You'll probably have to restart at least once in this process.

    Now comes the fun part. I am very used to the nForce audio system. I had to go into the audio properties and click on the different lines I wanted to show. Believe it or not, you get things like "Rear Pink In" or "Front Pink In." Yep, lines are designated by colors. If you plug in devices, it's important to go to the Gigabyte sound manager. You'll have a diagram with different speaker configurations on it, and you need to click on the pictures (good luck figuring this out). I had a devil of a time before I realized that I needed to do more than say "yes, this is a mic" or "yes, this is a headset."

    Oh, and if you've installed drivers previously, you should uninstall the old ones before reinstalling new ones, but you probably knew this already.


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    I'm having the same exact problem also. Installed Audio bus drivers, and then realtek drivers from the cd in that order. Still no sound. When I go to audio properties the drivers aren't even listed. I have audio set to auto in Bios and that is the only audio setting I see in bios. I googled and still haven't found a solution, and am thinking about buying a X-Fi card. I don't think were going to get an answer Macpeteo. Searching all forums this question was always unanswered.

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