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    Post Starcraft nostalgia! :)

    I'd like to arrange some 6-8 player FFA or team games via We'd be using official maps, e.g. no "uber leet super mineral harvester 2.0 perfect" but it should be some fun.

    I'd like to start around 16h00 GMT -8 on Sunday (That's 4PM PST) or the same time Monday. Anyone interested and can do near these times? Everyone is welcome. I'm not exactly an expert anymore, nor was I ever. Just good times

    Map nominations welcome. (6 - 8 player support, keep in mind). Please mention which time you could make in your reply.

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    If i can find my old CD keys id be up for this i havent played in years lol
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    Is this Sunday May 27th, Monday May 28th of so I can hop on a bit. Just say the time and create a channel to join and we can all meet their.
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