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    200mm fan = lifesaver

    So, at 1:30am on Saturday, I had a major issue: I was hot. I hadn't brought my AC unit in from the garage and it was blazing hot in my room, enough that I couldn't sleep. I was ticked, and couldn't think of what to do other than lay in bed and sweat to death. As I walked to the bathroom to get some water, I tripped over my Antec 900 case (took it appart so I could mod it a bit before my new hardware comes, and tossed all my old hardware, in sig, back into my old Antec full-tower), and almost killed myself. Then it hit me, no pun intended. I had a brilliant idea, for once. I grabbed my Gameboy SP, ripped the cartridge out, turned the volume off and turned it on so I had a flashlight. Then, I got to work unscrewing the 3 screws that retained the 200mm fan to the plastic housing on the top of the case. Popped the sucker out and looked to see what kind of cables I had. I took the 8 12" Blue UV 3-Pin extensions I had left over and strung them all together, then took a dead molex with 3-pin leads and spliced on a female 3-pin head. Then, plugged everything in, laid my fan down where it was going to go (laid it down first, just in case the momentum would knock it over) and plugged it into an open 3-pin connector on the motherboard of my computer (about 7' away). The result: my system got some extra cooling form having the door of the case removed (don't ask how, it just did, I have no idea) and I had an enormous fan with 3 speeds of cooling comfort. Problem solved, and today I"m putting my AC unit in. Here are some pics of the "project":


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    i wish i had enough cable extensions to do that but on the other hand my box fan fits in my window and i place it to VACUME and suck the hot air out... coincidentally the pressure difference causes cold air to be sucked in
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    lol, thats a sweet mod.
    I agree with EmAn, thats a lot of extensions.
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    Hahaha, that's awsome. Lucky I got my AC in yesterday afternoon
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    Wow, that's quite a distance. 3 cheers for improvisation! I personally hate that feeling of being so sweaty you can't sleep. I usually go the other way and have my room so cold from leaving the window open or AC on high blast that my comp keeps me warm and toasty instead
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    You could have just used a car battery charger.

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    I would have been so awake after putting that all together that I wouldnt have needed the fan to go back to sleep anyway.

    We live in Palm Springs with day temps of summer easily at 110-122°f so the house always sits at 81°f because even with whole house AC it just can't compete with those temperatures.

    We finally put in a ceiling fan last year for the bedroom which really helps at night and now I can't sleep unless it's on. I had to go buy a new ceiling fan because ours did not have a remote control, so I would freeze in the middle of the night and have to go turn off the switch at the bedroom door, then wake up an hour later sweating like a horse and have to get up and turn it back on. Now I just reach over and press a button on the remote to make it high, medium, low or off and can get right back to sleep.

    This year I may put in some booster AC to certain rooms in the house since I have 3 window unit AC's sitting in the garage to help in our computer room since thats the hottest one in th house due to all the computers being on all day.

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    I bought a variable-voltage DC power adapter at Radio Shack a few years back to test computer fans. I snipped off the factory connector and soldered on a standard 4-pin molex. Works real nice and lets me hear what fans sound like at 6 different voltage levels. On hot days sometimes I use it power a 120mm fan sitting on my desk. I have a Coolermaster fan that has spent more time cooling me that it has spent cooling my computers

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