I'm running DD-WRT mini on my Linksys WRT54GL an it's been working perfectly until now. It's taking forever to load (most) websites now. I went to wikipedia.org and then 10 seconds after i hit enter i searched "hi" from the google bar in firefox, google loaded in less than 1 seconds, and wikipedia never loaded past where the tab is blank with the header in the tab. Pinging returns all pings un <1ms, same with my computers static IP. The problem is my router all of a sudden doesn't return pings anymore. Out of 3 pings (12 possible returns) all of them timed out except 2, which weren't even in the "same" ping. This might be related but I can't get my 360 to find my wireless connection anymore, after no problems for 6 months. I have the SSID to broadcast and encryption disabled (for testing purposes) and it won't even show up when I search for networks nor when I input the SSID manually. The router's only maybe 8 months old, so I doubt it's on it's way out or something like that. Please help this is VERY annoying (it took 57 seconds to load the new topic page alone!)