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Thread: via chipsets

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    Question via chipsets

    after scanning epox`s website.
    something caught my attenton.
    the via appollo pro(a) plus , 266,266t
    are the same north and south bridges as the
    nb)c686a or 694(a)
    sb c686b
    if i am not mistaken those are not new via chips but
    rebadged via appollo chips.
    if i am right , they sure are devious sob`s

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    That seems really odd. I hope that its just a silly mistake or something.

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    They are not all the same chipsets. The southbridge is common among many of the chipsets - these are usually compatible with just about any other northbridge; they just control the PCI bus and hard drive controller and whatnot.

    Northbridges are specific to CPU types. I looked up VIA's actual model numbers for these northbridges in question.

    KT266A - VT8366A
    KT133A - VT8363A
    Apollo Pro 266 - VT8633 (note, 8633, not 8366...)
    Apollo Pro 266T - VT8653
    older Apollo Pro 133s are all VT82C69x series chips, modified for different purposes.
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