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    Angry Nvidia GF3 and New Games

    Recently I bought a new GFX card from PixelView (I know it sucks but i could not afford an ASUS !) with GF3 64MB DDR and TVout the problem is that when i play a game with different resolution than my desktop the screen loses focus and I have to regulate it from OSD of the monitor...the funny part is that when a game runs in the resolution of the desktop it rocks ! and another thing....i just bought 2 games....Alcatraz and Motoracer3. now...there is a problem with the first the backgrounds wont show and in the second there are "destroyed" polygons all over...I use WinME latest DetonatorXP drivers from nvidia...with an AMD athlon 1 ghz 512 mb ram asus a7v mobo
    what can i do ?

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    Hey Uther,

    I think the screen shifting is the fault of your monitor. My old monitor used to do that once until I'd adjust it and then it would save that screen orientation for that resolution/refresh rate. My new Sony auto-adjusts. If yours isn't saving the adjustments you could try powerstrip and set custom refresh rates for different resolutions to minimize the effect. ( ) As far as the games go.. uh, I dunno. I'd think it to be something specific to each game. Have you checked with the manufacturers for patches?
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