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    Sonic Heroes game won't run on PC

    So I strolled into Gamestop a couple of weeks back and they had some amazing deals on games, so I purchased Sonic Heroes for the PC since it was cheap and looked interesting, well it doesn't seem to be working.

    It plays on my dell laptop, it plays on my other desktop which is a dell with a geforce 6800GT AGP, and 512 megs ram with a pentium 4 at 2.0 ghz, however it won't play on my desktop that I use, which is an AMD athlon 64 3000, geforce 7600GT, 512 megs ram, an asus A8N-sli and a 160 gig SATA hd. Sometimes when I click on start game nothing happens, and sometimes it will get all the way to loading game, then the screen will exit and i'll be right back at my desktop screen. I have tried it on the same model hd with a clean copy of windows XP on the same computer and still nothing works. I also tried using older video drivers, and using newer video drivers, I even updated the drivers for my motherboard and no avail, so I thought i'd ask some of the masters here if they had any insight into this, I tried contacting Sega, and twice they redirected me to another email address, rather than just fowarding the message to the proper people, then when I finally got the right email address, nobody responded to my email. Thanks in advance!

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    Are there game updates for it?

    Maybe it has issues with newer cards
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    I checked again, there doesn't appear to be any out there, sega has a section for patches, and sonic heroes isn't among them :/

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