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    What does Dell think its doing?

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    So I assume not dual channel? What laptop is that?
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    Hmm, giving you the shaft I'd say (LOL). But seriously, they look like a perfectly matched pair even though they're two completely different manufacturers. Does brand really matter for dual channel in this case?
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    i have a desktop from there, i didnt think i would have to cross my fingers on whther i got the same manufactorer for my memory, but i guess i got lucky.

    i got 2 sticks from nanya, though they had far off serial numbers.

    that really sucks though, i didnt think even dell had that much of a lack of attention to detail.
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    the laptop might not even do dual channel.

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    Thats why dell sucks. they use the cheapest crap on earth and sell it to you for too much than what its worth.
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    i would report it to the bbb and get them on dell

    then you can expect your customer service to change for the better!
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    really pointless

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    Pff. That's not even as bad as it gets. If you read their Terms of Service, it gives them the right to use "refurbished" (used) parts in, get this, not only the computers they repair under warranty but also in NEW COMPUTERS!! YOU DON'T PUT USED PARTS IN NEW COMPUTERS! THAT'S JUST RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!! GOD! </capslock>
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    Well, the laptop is not for me, but for my parent's friends. They are just-just learning how to use a computer, so they are not going to game or do anything memory intensive. But vista does run like a dead dog on that laptop. I would have installed XP if it weren't for them leaving in 2 days.

    Blah. they have to leave to a different country in 2 days with the laptop, which means that memory has to stay there....
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    im suprised and i guess thats good, that both of their SPD timings are the same. dell really found an exact copycat of your Hyundai ram or other way around lol.
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    Looks to me like they mixed memory module manufactureres that run at their rated speed in what is meant to be a stock speed system. I know this looks bad to us in theory and it would be preferable in a way if they didn't do it but if it runs properly at the rated speed then I don't see the problem in practice...'for a Dell.'
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    This doesn't happen often, I gota say. They are BIG on customer experience. I bet if you complained they'd send another unit out.
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