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    Finding friends......

    During a party an old friend 'D' threw a Jager bottle at his girlfriend and hit her in the back of the head.... (bloody monday) ...she is my best female mate.

    So this got me thinking about who are and who I want to be my top friends...

    I posted this on myspace.

    This is how I determine whom I consider to be my true and tight friends:

    With a glazed expression, I imagine our world after a global catastrophe such as nuclear winter, permanent power grid failure, drastic climate change, meteor strike, ect. When this happens immediate true anarchy would insue. No law, no order, no social services, no utilities, no food supply, no material supply, no communication, no transporation. The military and government has the lifting weight of a penny compared to the thousands of tons crushing us in a downward spiral. A bleek grim post-apocalyptic world consumes earthian lives by the billions, all is effected and no one can escape. Survival again is the top priority of man. ...we shall and MUST start over.

    'Survival of the pact' is the new order.

    Mercy is unknown.

    Not all can be reached many will be left behind.

    The opening chapter will determine life.

    The bonds formed now will be lifelong.

    The future is uncertain, nothing is certain.

    My friends are those whom I would seek to form our post-apocalyptic pact. Who can survive, who are willing to do whatever it takes, who can bond together, whom I would sacrifice for.

    If the world does collapse I will find many of my number one friends quickly on the bottom of my list. Very few would make the cut. Many of my old soul friends will quickly rise. The list will be forced short by the circumstances.

    Many will be forever forgotten, memories of a past lost.

    Sure this is a cold, raw, and convoluted way of recognizing the people whom deeply effect my life, but I need to do it sometimes... for now I know whom really I care about... the ones I would sacrifice for.
    I guess I am getting older.

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    So then does this mean people actually take those list seriously? Anyway always good to know who you can really count on in a crunch, and if this is how you are able to do that congratulations for figuring it out.
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