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    XP SP2 via Bit Torrent

    Is it illegal to share Service Pack 2 for Windows XP over Bit Torrent?

    The reason I am asking is because I downloaded it through Bit Torrent and got tons of connections to antip2p companies through peer guardian2.


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    I dont think it would be illegal since the actual service pack is free prom Microsoft. Now the actual OS is a whole nother story.
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    You mean just the sp2 install files? I can't find the end user license agreement for just the service pack, but the eula for xp seems to imply that any updates fall under the same terms as the os. If this is Microsoft's intention then I suppose the answer is no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acompdude
    I dont think it would be illegal since the actual service pack is free prom Microsoft. Now the actual OS is a whole nother story.
    Correct. Although I would just download it from Microsoft because it might have been tampered with...
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    depends how the EULA says it can be distributed...

    most of that stuff can only be legally downloaded directly from Microsoft
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    Yes, I was just referring to the install file for SP2, not the OS.

    My intention was to seed something legal to raise my share ratio, but I'm getting worried with the results.

    Shouldn't the whole world have access to SP2?

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    Well, found this which lists it in PDF format, but dont know if its just for the service pack or XP Pro.
    O ya, realized it doesnt copy the search. I just typed in SP2 and it lists the languages.
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    Well when SP2 was first released MS offered to ship it to you on a CD for free. I ordered one just to have around, and on the CD it says "Share this with a friend". I guess that means it is OK to share JUST the SP2 install on Bit Torrent.

    Of course if it has been modified to work with hacked XP installs, etc. then it is a different story.

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