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    Is it Possible to Keep Dust Out by Using Lots of High CFM Fans?

    Just curious if this will work cause I'm thinking of buying 7 sunon 108CFM fans for my UFO2 both for watercooling and to plug up the 120mm holes.
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    As long the air is not filtered, the more you pump in the more dust it will get.

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    You would think the dust wouldnt have time to settle, but I have an unfiltered high speed intake fan and I still have to go after the area in front of it with a can of air every now and then.
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    In theory you would think so, but there will always be some dead space for the dust bunnies to gather....

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    The fan blades them selfs will have dust on them after a while.

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    Seems to me like both low and high speed fan setups result in dust but the dust builds up in different ways =/

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    just make some filters for all the in fans. stockings work
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    Quote Originally Posted by fl0w
    just make some filters for all the in fans. stockings work
    yes that is what i do an it works great.

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    I use a mesh like the stuff on the front of a CM Stacker case for fan intakes. It does not stop all the dust but it stops most of it and still allows good airflow for high CFM fans.
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    Filters help but you will still get dust, d@mn dust bunnies.

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    Just blow out your case with canned air once in a while. no need for filters, they restrict some air flow.

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