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    Quick question: Neohe 500w good enough?

    Quick question.

    I am going to upgrade soon and I am wondering if it's necessary to upgrade the psu. Will a NeoHE 500w power a Q6600 (moderate/heavy overclock) and P35-DS3R along with the other stuff in my sig?
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    Q6600 @ 3.2 Water cooled. | GA-P35-DS3R | 4 GB Corsair XMS2 DDR-667 4-4-4-12 | nVidia XFXGefore 8800 GTS Stock| Seagate Barracuda 320 GB | Western Digital Raptor 36 GB | HSPC Tech Stationw/ Custom Mods

    Feel free to IM me with any questions. :D

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    It should do fine.

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    I agree. That NeoHE's built by Seasonic, and should keep you purring along just fine.

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