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    Question Is P5B Deluxe WI-FI Crossfire Capable?

    Although the box does not have the "crossfire" logo on it, I have been told that the Asus P5B Deluxe can run 2 ATI crossfire ready cards in Crossfire, is this correct?

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    Yes it can.
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    but the cards run at 8x and 4x unlike the cf. ready boards run 8x n 8x
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    CrossFire performance optimization offered by C.G.I occurs in Direct Media Interface (DMI) between the P965 Northbridge, which carries one x16 PCI Express slot (x16 PCI Express Lanes), and ICH8R Southbridge, where another x16 PCI Express slot (x4 PCI Express Lanes) resides. C.G.I streamlines data transfer between the Northbridge and Southbridge, delivering enhanced performance during Crossfire dual-GPU mode.

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