I have just installed Vista 64bit ultimate on my main desk top which has a Canon Pixma IP5000 hooked to it. I didn't have to even install the driver for it since vista already found the driver in its driver pool I guess.. The problem is, I have a note book that runs XP pro 32 bit that connects to the Vista machine via router with an ethernet cable and it can't seem to find the right driver for the printer. When I was running XP on my desk top, the notebook XP seemed to just copy the driver files from my desk top XP and be ready for printing without a problem.

I tried to install "Additional drivers" for this printer with the x86 check marked using my old IP5000 driver disk that I used when I was running XP on my desk top but this error in the picture below is all I get...

Anyone got a solution to this? Your input is much appreciated.