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    Talking AMD 3800+ Lapped

    Well, I just lapped my 3800+ and wanted to show how drastic the results are.

    Im currently running it at a meager 2.4ghz OC form the 2.0Ghz stock.

    The temperatures were recorded uing Coretemp and speedfan to ensure accuracy and load temps were taken after 3 minutes of Ortho Dual Core Stress. I did a pre-test and the temps didnt rise any higher after 5 minutes than they did in 3.

    Room temp is around 26C.

    Ill do an update after 300 hours run time to show temps after Paste has worked in.

    The next CPU I will be lapping is an E6700 running at stock 2.66Ghz.


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    Yikes, I'm guessing you're using the stock hsf? It should not be Idling at 40C!!!

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    Yea, either that or just really bad luck with his CPU. My 3800+ (OC'd 2.43Ghz) idles at 29C at and 49C on load, using stock HS/F.
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    Yeah, stock heatsink. =p

    im just happy the temps dropped so well.

    if my E6700 temps react teh same way ill have an 18C idle on air. o.0

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    18C on air ? Wow I should start polishing the walls of my room then no need for this noisy aircon anymore.
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    Not a bad result: decrease of 7-10 °C. Kinda mirrors my results lapping my q6600.

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    Could be Winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortimer
    Could be Winter.
    Its summer here.

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    That IHS musta been terrrrrrible.
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    Wow. great results man! Lapping can and does make a difference! yet another great thread with data to back it up. Congrats! Now go o/c some more lol

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