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    Concerning sold items

    I'm sure this has been addressed numerous times, but it seems ppl are forgetting 1 simple final end to their transaction: TO MARK IT AS SOLD AND PM A MOD/ADMIN TO MOVE IT TO THE SOLD SECTION.

    Now is that too much to ask?

    I've already come across numerous sale threads that have yet to be updated. This could be because:

    A) The person as been too lazy to update it to sold/traded/retracted/evaporated
    B) The person has been ubducted by aliens and therefore is incapable of updating the thread.
    C) The person has moved to an undisclosed location and is in the witness protection program.

    The Admins/Mods have a hard enough job running this place and they can't be in 2 places @ 1 time. If you've been permitted to enter the classifieds to post a sale thread, then after the sale/transaction has been completed just go back, post SOLD/TRADED or Retracted and pm an Admin/Mod to move it. A simple, yet effective way of cleaning up the cluttered threads.

    It's anoying as heck to see these threads still floating around and not knowing if the item was sold/traded/retracted. I, for one, have pm'ed some members asking about an item that was still being sold, only to find out the item was sold days/weeks/months ago, and was not marked as SOLD nor moved.

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    Thanks for the reminder, updated one I forgot about.
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    personally i think it should be a rule

    if you have enough time to make a FS thread you should have enough time to make sure it gets moved to the correct place after the item sells

    PS...I started a thread about this a year ago

    HERE is a thread i was involved in only a few days ago that since there were no "dibs" called in the thread and nothing was updated after it was bought i called dibs and was let down when i found out it had sold earlier that day

    AND the thread is still active in the CPU section even though the item was sold 2 days ago
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    Guys, y'know what?

    SSS mentioned to me a while back that he has had in in mind to put some code into the forums that would allow the seller to move his own threads to sold. Now, in that this has not happened, I am guessing that he has not had the time to follow up on the matter.

    So how about if we turn loose the mighty that is the forums and go find the code for him? Then the problem will go away.

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