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    Well as the title suggests I'm shutting down the folding rigs. My CC debt has gotten out of hand and I need to make some cuts to present(electric) and future(ie the pc upgrades) spending. Once cold weather rolls around again I may turn in some wu's here and there most likely for FTWL. Take care fellows.


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    Dood! Don't do it! You've been folding too long to just quit cold turkey. At least keep the SMPs running!

    Seriously, bel, I hate to see you go, but I do understand if you must.
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    Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate;
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    Sorry to hear of your financial difficulties, and good luck with your CC bills...
    Hope you get it squared away ASAP and that you'll be able to get back to normal folding mode one day soon.
    Meanwhile, take care and we'll look forward to your eventual rebound...
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    Sorry that you have to shut down rigs but I understand. I myself am a part-time folder. When my son goes back to college, his room becomes a Folding/server/gaming room. I'm sure you'll be back.
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    power bills are a double hit in some months assuming you have a/c.

    In the winter, the heat produced can help if you live far enuf north where you need heating.

    Good luck with getting back on track and hope to see you back soon
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    Its not meant to be permanent, just a serious slacking off This way I don't have to have the turbo fan run 24/7 in the pc room. I can also putz with the rigs a little and not worry about them missing the deadline. Like pscout said once winter hits I will probably at least have one rig in the basement pumping out wu's. Probably the 930. Keep an eye on the youngsters Ned.

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    Hope to see you back soon belorsch!!! You're a T32 pioneer and I hate to see you shut down.

    Come back as soon as you can! <- cause WII isn't here

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    I for one will try my best to make up in a small way for you till you get rolling again Belorsh.

    I would rather see a Teammate clear RL up then stack numbers. Just stick around and keep us all company with your posts.
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