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    Windows Defender or Adaware? Or Another Choice?

    I always used adaware along with spybot and a anti virus on my pc's but i doubt that will be what I will use again.

    Adaware service takes up almost 50kb of memory usage.. thats just way too damn high for my taste..

    In comparison, i can run windows defender, diskeeper service, norton service and still not touch the memory usage adware requires.

    so is there any other suggestions to adaware? or is windows defender a legit replacement?

    right now all my machines are running norton 360, Spybot S&D.. but i still feel the need for a more robust adware program to nortons.
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    Does Adaware have a background scanner service? You should be able to disable all of the services associated with the program, and then just run the scanner when you want to check your computer, without using the memory all the time. There's no real reason to have it running 24/7. Windows Defender is pretty good in my experience, I don't know if I would recommend it ahead of Adaware, but it can hold its own.

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    I use Kaspersky for firwewall/antivirus. Works great and is fairly low resource usage for a commercial AV. Gets from me. I also use a router (home network). As suggested earlier I just run adaware once in a while to get any nasties that may have snuck in. I don't run it 24/7. I will also run spybot s&d once in a while too. Just for variety - LOL
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    to be honest, windows one live care is great if your looking for a "lighter" running all in one.
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