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    normal temps for video cards?

    what are video cards supposed to run at? Isnt it a bit higher then cpu's?

    I've got a 7900GS KO, just started running ntune to keep tabs on it. shows EVGA's advertised speeds of 500/690 and its been holding about 54c.

    My kids have been getting random blue screens in the sims 2, the blue screen seemed to referance something with the video card, dont remember exactly but its always an error in nv_ something....

    So I thought I'd finally check the video cards temps, 30 minutes of sims and 20 minutes of flight sim 9 and it held around 53/54c which is the same temps it holds for idle.

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    Temps seem to be ok.

    Perhaps the memory? Sometimes when memory are overheated or overclocked too much, it messes with the drivers that are loaded.

    Or you could just have corrupted drivers... but if it only happens during high load, it's more likely the memory.

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    Yeah, those temps are fine. Video cards do usually run a good 10-20, even 30-40 degrees higher than CPUs. Although I'm not sure about the blue screens. With 54c I don't think it's temperature related.
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