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    GA-P35 Long Beeps problem

    Well I made my computer approximately a week ago and everything was fine. I then moved and when I set up my computer and started it up it would post these long beeps. I pulled out my manual for my Gigabyte P35-DS3L/S3L and it says that the long beeps are because the graphics card is not seated properly. I opened up my case and took a look but everything looks fine but the beeping remains. The beeping only comes after the pc has been off for a while. If I start it up and restart it a couple times, it doesn't do the long beeps on each of the restarts. I'm not sure what it could be because my picture looks fine on my machine and I haven't really noticed any problems at all except for the beeping. Anyone heard of this before?

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    Long beeps can be caused by the vid card, but memory is probably more common. I say reseat the vid card and the RAM. Then maybe bump up the RAM voltage one notch. See if that helps.
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    I vote for badly seated RAM too.

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