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    possibly defective psu?

    i upgraded from an antec power trio 650w to a seasonic 700w modular today, and everything was working amazing, infact for some reason vista boots MUCH faster, i'm guessing the old psu wasn't powering the video card enough? Anyway i was just playing bioshock, about 2 hours in the game froze and got stuck in a very fast audio loop, at the same time my usb leyboard and mouse power went completely out, but my case fans were still running and the there was still an image on screen etc. I am guessing this was a weird psu issue.. Is there any way to tell?
    my specs are: Q6600 core 2 quad oc to 3ghz, zalman 9500, gigabyte p35c-ds3r motherboard, 150gb wd raptor hdd, 2gb pc 8500 ram (corsair 1066), 8800gtx, usb keyboard+mouse, 1 usb external hdd.

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    The computer just locked. It happens

    Try running a cpu intensive program call "Orthos" and let it sit overnight (8+ hours) and see if it crashes or throws any errors.

    I doubt it is the PSU.

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    ran prime95 all night, never got an error + never got hotter than 63c. I think it was just a random hard crash...

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