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    Thermalright Ultima 90

    People that have purchsed this heatsink. How is the stcok finish and is lapping needed. At this point I have purchase 1 Scythe 120mm f series fan to cool it. I will be running it on a core 2 duo q6700, and being new to ocing am looking at a modest oc of around 3 ghz.

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    Thermalright makes very nice heatsink (best out there), so I'd say it is close to flat, or completely flat. My Ultra 120 Extreme is extremely close to flat, and it is not the machined one nor has it been lapped.

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    The base isn't bad, much better than the rest of their products I've dealt with.

    There should be no need to lap, but of course, that's up to the user.

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