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Thread: F@H Site issues

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    F@H Site issues

    Is anyone else getting a Forbidden message when trying to go the the Stanford site?
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    yes its down. im curious to see how long before anyone there notices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino56 View Post
    yes its down. im curious to see how long before anyone there notices.
    Not long at all;

    Quote Originally Posted by Vijay Pande
    Posted: Today at 2:41 pm Post subject: Stanford network outage

    Some buildings at the medical school (and perhaps more broadly) are having an unplanned network outage. We're working with them to see what we can do. For now, we're mainly waiting on them, while we investigate other possible fixes.

    For the most part, FAH's built in redundancies in our server-side backend is working well, so I think we'll be ok, but just a heads up to all the folders (and especially in case the networking gets worse and we can't post updates).
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