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    Exclamation Need help over clocking GT5432

    Hey guys,
    Im rather new to this forum and kinda new to PC modding. Im not completely computer Illiterate and I understand how to get into my bios and understand the lingo to an extent so please bear with me if I need things to be broken down into "stupid" every once in a while lol. Anyhoo, I currently purchased a Gateway GT5432 and I hear there are ways to over clock it and get more preformance out of it. Specs: MOBO is a MCP61PM-AM, AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Processor 5000+ dual core 64-bit processor 2.6GHz, 2x 512 KB L2 cache, 2000 MHz sys bus (Vista premium) , NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE 128 MB shared (soon to be 8800 GTS 320MB) 300W power supply (ordered 500W), 320GB SATA II HDD(thinking of getting a raptor), upgraded from 1024 MB DDR2 to 3072 MB DDR2 PC 4200 (plan on upgrading to DDR800 4 GB if possible)...phew. Ok, I've heard there are ways to modify the BIOS to accept DDR 800 and overclock my processor from BIOS as well but Im afraid to burn out my pc. I know I need a new heatsink for processor and Im ordering a new coolermaster case. I need any detailed help I can get to tweak my bios (I checked and its possible) and any suggestions. I know I should have built something from scratch but I got everything for 200 bucks (before memory upgrade) and I couldnt pass it up.

    I appreciate any help,
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    not many people have the same exact bios or motherboards for that matter so it will be tricky to find specific answers for yours especially being a gateway. i think i remember somebody on here recently had a similar system though and found a way to OC it. do some searching. for general OCing help, read the stickies.

    for $200, it sounds like you got a good deal.

    what brand psu did you order? it's not all about wattage ratings. quality and stability is a big part too.

    a raptor probably isn't really necessary unless you do a lot of hard drive intensive work like rendering and graphics work. stick with the 320 for now and maybe get another in the future to put in a raid configuration.

    if you're still using xp, 3 gigs of ram is plenty. it's probably good enough in vista too.
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    I plan on doing some hardcore gaming. I know I cant get much out of my unit but I wanna push it as much as I can, I ordered a coolermaster powersupply for the case I cant remember the model # but my friend told me its specifcally for the coolermaster case I ordered. I tried what I found on a similar post from this board in relation to the same thing (raised my CPU freq to 215 x13) but when I checked it under computer properties it said I was still running 2.6 GHz.. is that cause Im still running PC4200 memory and not the DDR 800? Maybe I didn't do it right...anyways I restored everything back so I wouldn't blow anything up but Im determined to figure it out. Thatx for the advice tho.

    Any other suggestions are welcome.
    Thanx guys!

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    It seems like you are renovating your most of your PC, so why not just buy a budget motherboard to go with it? It will make everything so much easier.
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    Thank you for the suggestion,
    I already thought of that but Im trying not to spend anymore money than I already did (my wife will kill me!! lol!) I already ordered my case, memory and power supply not to mention already spending $200 on the unit before mods and as it stands my budget is squeezed to its limit so what Im trying to do is get the most of what I have because I plan on using this unit till atleast Feb (tax season ^_^) and I might not even be able to upgrade it then. So if anyone has any clear instructions on how to modify my bios or tweak it Im all ears.

    Thanx guys!

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