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    Need a transparent, but not clear, flexible covering for case front

    I need a perfectly flat front panel for my case. I plan on having to make it from sheet metal or acrylic and placing a front on it.
    What i want to do is to completely hide the power and reset buttons.
    I saw a flat switch set but i'm not sure i could use it for the power reset switches. (also planning on hooking up my water pump and lighting),.../selectZip.htm
    I would need something like a vinyl cover for the case front, however I would like to have a LCD temp display hidden behind it, so it shows through when powered but is otherwise invisible. I also need to be able to send IR signal throught the material.
    Any ides for a covering, or how to build the front?
    (black colored, can't see into computer, but LCD display can show through, semi flexible so buttons can be hidden underneath.)
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    If you want a material that is transparent but not clear your display behind the material would be fuzzy and hard to read unless it was pretty bright
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    Try covering the front in clear perspex, but spray paint the back of the perspex black (masking off where you want to 'see' through) it gives a nice shiny front to the case

    - mine isn't shiny, needs a clean
    Used it on one of my cases
    Or you could use frosted glass, which would allow the lcd to show through as long as it was pushed up tight to the back, nut it might screw with the ir though
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    Negative on the perspex, I wanted to hide flat buttons behind it so i could operate the power and such.
    this vinyl is closer, but i don't want it clear or mirrored.
    A matte grey or black would be perfect, but i haven't located one.
    I don't truly need the transparent quality, but I want it when i have the money for atemp display or lcd screen.

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    You could try the clear vinyl from tap but use window tint on the back to make it dark to hide things but still allow IR and LCD to show through.

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    I hadn't thought of window tint.
    Any idea of what % shade?

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