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    Question I Have Another Question Regarding A Dell Optiplex GX 260

    Are all Pentium 4 chips the same size? I would like to upgrade my 1.8GHZ to a 2.6 Ghz and, was wondering if I need to look for a certain model number for the Dell Optiplex GX 260.

    Here are the specs of the PC

    Thank you,

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    load cpu-z. it will tell you what socket your cpu is. as long as you match that and the chipset supports it, you're good. research what cpus the intel 845G set accomodates. you could skip that if you're staying in the P4 family.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Well, I don't have the Computer just yet (It is being delivered to my home as I type) so, I can't examine it.

    I would like to stay with the Pentium 4 family. So, can I buy any Pentium 4 processor providing it doesn't exceed 2.6 GHZ?

    Thank you.

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    It's not quite that simple. You need a Northwood core, socket 478, with no HT, and it needs to be either 400 or 533fsb. It will not support Prescott cores. (Well... it will with an expensive Powerleap modded dealy, but that's not really worth it.) The best you're prolly gonna do is the 2.8ghz, 533fsb chip, there was a 3ghz model that will work, but it's pretty much impossible to find and would be horrifically expensive even if you did.

    And update to the latest bios before switching the processor.

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    I see a few on Ebay (That's where I bought the Computer) so, I'll just match the processor to your recomendation.

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