Okay, I am trying to set up a 802.11g network for the first time, and I really need some help. I have two machines:

Windows XP
Abit AirPace Wi-Fi

Windows 2000

I have (A) set to software AP mode, WPA2-PSK, autoconfig IP.

(B) is also set to WPA2-PSK, autoconfig IP.

The SSID set on (A) appears on (B). When I try to connect, it only shows connected for a second, then disconnects, and the cycle repeats. I have tried several keys, with the same result. I even tried running unsecured and had the same problem.

Incidentally I can successfully connect to a local open network from each machine (and access the Internet), so I know the cards are not globally defective.

Please, tell me how to get this working.