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    Thumbs down Robot Cannon Kills 9, Wounds 14

    Can't imagine that especially with that kind of casualities ! 9 human lifes gone just like that !

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    Wow. Its horrible to see accidents like that. I mean, it would suck if the cannon were to kill that many but atleast it was doing what it was meant to then.
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    Robots vs. Draft? Hmmm.
    I didn't know robots were used to the extent that some of those articles claim.
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    Very unfortunate. However, its a dangerous job and accidents happen all the time.
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    But the brave, as yet unnamed officer was unable to stop the wildly swinging computerised Swiss/German Oerlikon 35mm MK5 anti-aircraft twin-barrelled gun. It sprayed hundreds of high-explosive 0,5kg 35mm cannon shells around the five-gun firing position.
    By the time the gun had emptied its twin 250-round auto-loader magazines, nine soldiers were dead and 11 injured.

    Ok who activated Skynet??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adragontattoo View Post
    Ok who activated Skynet??
    It appears they did, but they called it skyguard. Follow the wikipedia link and you get this

    which in the late 1970s was upgraded to the Skyguard system.
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    Damn :\
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    I can't help but recall a line from Futurama in regards to this incident..."You'll be the most unpopular robot fighter since Sgt. Feces Processor!"

    Yes, I know it's in poor taste.

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveLord View Post
    Very unfortunate. However, its a dangerous job and accidents happen all the time.
    Pretty much. "Friendly fire" has always been a risk in any type of combat, including during training, the only difference here is that faulty robotics caused it to happen.
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    This AAA is using Passive and Active RADAR systems together...Passive systems are cutting edge. (Obviously they didnt have the technology perfected yet.) Thats pretty advanced stuff to be "Jerry Rigging" with poles in the ground and ropes to stop it from going wild.

    Alot of these 3rd world nations hire these fly-by-night defense contractors to help make them something to compete with the latest and greatest. I definately agree it was the computer that was to blame. The reason why it was shooting at the people is because that type of AAA is designed to shoot at low flying, fast moving aircraft doing Close Air Support. With a active-passive system, all it would need to get a lock would be some unknowing soldier using his walkie talkie in the right frequency and walking in front of it and it would identify him as a target.
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    Sad sad news....

    Impressive what they are trying to do but hopefully they will take better caution next time they activate the system so something like this is at least minimized no casulaties.
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