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    New job = oh crap?

    I just got a job and although it is going to be fantastic experience and help me get into my masters program it was probably the first time that I have gone into the first day of the job and come out thinking, "my gosh what have I done?" I am 21 straight out of college and I will be the Human Resources Departmental Supervisor for a retail store. I have no real retail experience and my degree is in psychology (though I took a lot of business credits as well as io psych and occupation and vocation psych.

    My question is this: have any of you guys been in a position where you think "my gosh what have I done?" Please share so at least I know if I am alone or not
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    Don't let fancy job titles overwhelm you. Chances are that once you find out what's actually expected of you, you'll be fine. If not, you'll quit and find something else.
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    yeha you just hire people. people come to you if they have a problem with the job, that type of stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAmMoen View Post
    My question is this: have any of you guys been in a position where you think "my gosh what have I done?" Please share so at least I know if I am alone or not
    Yup, just down some cups of coffee and you'll be fine.
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    Well HR isn't the most 'fun' industry if that's what the issue is It can be pretty button down and bureaucratic. I say just roll with it for a while until you find something better.


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    They wouldn't have hired you if they didn't feel that you were absolutely qualified for the job. Any new job will take some learning, once you learn the ropes you should be fine.
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    you'll get good at hiring, firing, filling out tax forms and dealing with unemployment claims.

    i started my engineering job right out of college. it's a different field but i've found that i'm okay as long as i'm knowledgeable about the topics. i might never have to do a detailed calculation but as long as i know what people are talking about, i'm fine.
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    I just got out of one of the toughest schools in the Military... Every week a few Officers would washback, washout, or be kicked out during the course of an entire year!

    Every day I thought to myself..."Oh boy, what did I get myself into?" haha... It was completely worth it though and I might even sign up for an even tougher school now?
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    As HR Supervisor you have to be overly happy and friendly, ask people "Tell me something good that happened to you today?" and deal with a LOT of petty employee issues. Get ready for playground bickering and personality conflicts galore. Aren't people fun!?

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